MIS Gateway and Access to MIS Webmail Office365 Application .?

What is MIS Gateway.?

MIS ( Managed Internet Services) Gateway is a web portal managed by Department of Education Managed Internet Service (MIS) system for student of Queensland, Australia. In which student can access to the MIS Gateway and Access to Office 365 application

In every state of Queensland Australia, students will have access to online office 365 account which can be accessed by the students by using their username and password.

Students can access the following office 365 applications through MIS Gateway web portal

How to access Office 365 application login on MIS Gateway Web Portal-

You need following two things to just log in-

  1. Your school email username
  2. Your school password
  • First of all you need to open this website – Click here in your preferred web browser-
  • After that enter your school username and password at required place.
  • Accept their terms and condition by just clicking on it.
  • In order to access office 365 applications, just select the app icon button mentioned on the top of left corner.
  • After that the app menu will pop up where you can select any application and use it easily. Students can save their documents on their one drive storage easily.

Advantages of (MIS) Managed Internet Services Gateway –

There are a lot of advantages of MIS Gateway for the students of Australia . They will have full access to the this webmail portal. This school email address which can be used for education purpose only. Students will not use this email address for their personal use.

So this is something well organised web portal to learn and implement the Office 365 application online by the students of Queensland, Australia.

Any students who belongs to this state of Australia will have access to this MIS Webmail Office 365 online application. Anytime they can access it and they can do practice of learning the MS Office online and the best part is they can save their created documents in the one drive cloud storage automatically.

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